Community Referral Scheme

We know our community, but we don't know yours.

At UKISUG we're constantly striving for the success of the entire SAP community through our advocacy, education and events. The problem is, if people aren't members they can't access the brilliant resources and offers we provide you.

That's where you come in!

We want you to share the benefits of your UKISUG membership by referring people in your network, from outside your organisation, who don’t know about us. We want this community to grow and develop, and that means introducing new organisations who can share their SAP stories. All you need to do is ask if they’d like to hear from us.

Once they've agreed to hearing from us, just send us their details along with your own and your half way to getting your hands on some great benefits.

When we've got their information, your work here is done. Now, do you want to hear how you can benefit from this? Of course you do!

If your referral takes out a Line of Business or Solution membership with UKISUG, you'll personally get a £50 gift card and a full 3 day pass to UKISUG Connect 2023.

If your referral takes out a Corporate or Complete Corporate membership, you'll get your hands on a £100 gift card and you can either take a full 3 day pass to UKISUG Connect 2023 with accommodation OR a Learning Hub License.

It's really a win win, we grow our SAP community and you can get yourself some really amazing benefits.

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