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SAP must reassure existing customers won't pay more if their usage and business scope doesn't change

Indirect Access has been an important topic for our membership for a number of years. From a UK & Ireland User Group perspective we have been working with our SUGEN… Read more


SUGEN welcomes new licensing model for indirect access, but says SAP must reassure existing customers

SUGEN is today providing an update on the work of its Licensing and Auditing Charter team over the last two years. The team has provided feedback to SAP on the… Read more


SAP Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Pricing Model

​Driven by unprecedented collaboration with user groups, customers, partners and industry analysts, SAP has today announced a new sales, audit and pricing model… Read more


SAP Adds Advanced Data Protection and Privacy Features to the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

​SAP has announced new and updated features to their SuccessFactors HCM Suite that will make it easier for HR leaders worldwide to comply with data protection and… Read more


Getting closer to customers: The User Group's meeting with Brian Duffy, EMEA North Regional President, SAP

​Brian Duffy was appointed SAP’s EMEA North Regional President back in September 2017 and we recently had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss how he… Read more


Update on our work with SAP regarding Indirect Usage

​We know the issue of licensing and indirect access continues to be an area of concern for many of our members, therefore we'd like to take the opportunity to… Read more

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