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Rocket Consulting Ltd

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) - How to understand your Cost to Serve (CTS)

By Rocket Consulting Ltd

SAP-run companies must learn how to ensure their supply chains deliver financial value in an optimised manner. Learn more about tried and tested approaches that aim to reduce the financial risk and cost of delivering enhanced customer… Read more


Prolifics Testing

Quality Fusion: AI-driven Test Automation Platform

By Prolifics Testing

We wanted to help our customers achieve faster, more frequent software testing whilst maintaining quality and increasing autonomy. We created Quality Fusion to be a single, open, testing platform with built-in AI capabilities that users could start using ‘straight out of the box’ to automate web, desktop, mobile… Read more


Westernacher Consulting

Warehouse Management

By Westernacher Consulting

The future is not as far away as some might think. The warehouses of the near future may not look like scenes from science fiction movies, but there will be fundamental developments to meet increased customer expectations. Robots, drones, connected forklifts, GPS, etc. will take over almost the entire warehousing and… Read more



SAP and Onapsis Proactively Notify and Help Customers Protect Mission-Critical Applications from Active Cyber Threats

By Onapsis

General Availability of SAP® SuccessFactors® coverage in The Onapsis Platform increases visibility of interconnected business applications to help ensure security and compliance for intelligent… Read more


TJC Group

Going Beyond Limits: Data Archiving at BT Group 18-06-20 | Blog In December 2019, British Telecom / EE presented at the UKISUG Connect event and discussed the Benefits of Data archiving, what their status is now, and what their expectations are reg

By TJC Group

In 2019, BT Group embarked on an exciting journey toward #S4HANA to enable a massive business transformation which goes beyond and IT upgrade. Find out why the company decided to partner with TJC Group to implement an extensive Data Archiving project, streamlining database volumes and lowering the Total Cost of… Read more


TJC Group

How Data Volume Management Drives Green Solutions for Enterprises

By TJC Group

Did you know that data centres are predicted to use 20 percent of the world's electricity by 2025? Data Management can be part of an overall efficiency protocol that helps enterprises reduce energy and resource needs throughout their operational environment. Read more about Green IT Solutions for… Read more


TJC Group

Test and Trace Data upload error highlights complexity of Large Volume Data Management

By TJC Group

The UK’s Test and Trace app for monitoring local cases of Covid-19 continues to be dogged with problems and earlier this autumn, another issue surfaced. It highlights the many complexities of handling large data sets. As reported by the BBC, thousands of UK people infected with Covid were missed off a routine… Read more


Grey Monarch Limited

Grey Monarch announces new partnership with Protect4S reselling their SAP Vulnerability Analysis and Management tool in the UK

By Grey Monarch Limited

We're really pleased to announce our new partnership with Protect4S reselling their SAP Vulnerability Analysis and Management tool in the UK. SAP certified for S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver, with Protect4S your SAP systems and relevant layers of Operating System and Database are automatically scanned for known… Read more


Azurious Limited

SAP Licence Audits: Our Experts' View On Avoiding The Pitfalls

By Azurious Limited

Following our series of articles on SAP Audits and Disputes, let’s find out from the SAP Licence and Contracts experts how they are finding the situation and helping organisations in the SAP customer… Read more


Digital Workforce

How to Optimize SAP With Robotic Process Automation?

By Digital Workforce

RPA is used in SAP-related processes to bridge the gap between departmental functions, as well as those catered to by ERP, legacy, and third-party applications. Now, RPA can be utilized in SAP environments more effectively than ever… Read more

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