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UKISUG Women in SAP: Addressing the Lack of Women in the Tech Sector

The number of women employed in senior IT and technology roles as always been significantly lower than that of… Read more


Highlights from SAPPHIRE 2021

Now the dust from Sapphire has settled, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the main announcements coming out of the… Read more


Updates to the DA Access Help Portal

For your information, SAP recently updated the DA Access Help… Read more


Making the Most of Your SAP Investment by Completing the Product Support Accreditation

Welcome to the fourth and final blog post in our series on effectively leveraging your investment in SAP software and… Read more


SUGEN Executive Exchanges April 2021

by Aleksi Rustholkarhu, Executive Director, SAP Finnish User Group (FINUG) and Amanda Gibbs, General Manager, African SAP user group… Read more


SUGEN DIGEST Q1 - Foreword and Board Exchanges with Christian Klein and Juergen Mueller

As told by Gianmaria Perancin, Chairman SUGEN CLT, Chairman Utilisateurs SAP Francophones… Read more


Overcoming skills and technology challenges for data analytics success

We all know data is important, but how many organisations are truly making effective use of… Read more


Making the Most of Your SAP Investment by Enhancing Your Digital Support Experience with SAP’s Built-in Support

Welcome to the third blog post in our series on effectively leveraging your investment in SAP software and support. Our previous post centered on real-time support, exploring the benefits of the Next-Generation Support approach including Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Schedule a Manager and Ask an Expert… Read more


SUGEN Executive Exchanges April 2021: SAP S/4HANA

Executive Summary on SAP S/4HANA from Jan… Read more


Announcement SAP FSI Strategic Partnership: Name and Leadership Team

We wanted to share with you that SAP SE and Dediq GmbH today announced the company name and the leadership team of the recently announced joint venture for the financial services… Read more

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