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diginomica coverage of RISE with SAP

CEO Christian Klein responds to the "one handshake" issue, and SAP user groups air out their top… Read more


Only a third of SAP user organisations in the UK & Ireland think they have the necessary skills to make effective use of all their data

Three-quarters of organisations say their business intelligence/data analytics needs have increased over the last 12… Read more


SAP Forms Strategic Partnership for Financial Services Industries

WALLDORF and MUNICH — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and investment company Dediq GmbH today announced that they have agreed to enter into a partnership in the area of financial… Read more


Learn all the tools available in support: Take the Product Support Accreditation

Do you ever find it difficult to get the answers you want from Product Support? It might be because you are not aware of all the latest FREE support offerings available. Learn about all the support offerings available to you so you can find solutions,… Read more


Making the Most of Your SAP Investment: Introducing our new Blog Post Series

In this brand-new blog post series, we will break down the key resources available to help ensure that your get the most value from your investment in SAP software and… Read more


SUGTalks Season 2 is live

If you’re already subscribed to our SUGTalks podcast, you’ll have seen we recently launched our second season. With that in mind, we wanted to give you an overview of what to… Read more


Have you joined us for coffee yet?

What’s on your… Read more


SAP Integration: Delivering on Their Promise

Companies need to strive for business continuity and adapt quickly to new market conditions, in the current environment more than ever. To set themselves apart from their competition, they must continuously re–evaluate how their businesses run and execute fast and accurately – from incremental improvements to… Read more


Are your SAP Projects Changing your Business?

Recent research from Cloud Industry Forum shows that IT departments are still investing 41% of their budgets on managing their infrastructure. Should we really be investing that level of budget on simply keeping the lights… Read more


SAP's Commitment to Customer Loyalty

Driving Successful Experience Management and Insights to Action for SAP… Read more

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