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Document & Data Management SIG

Thursday 9th September 2021 - 9:00am - 11:30am

Venue TBC

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The Document and Data Management SIG aims to provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with fellow users and provide an insight into the SAP's future strategy and direction for Document and Data Management.

Partnerships between business and IT, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and data literacy are increasingly considered as critical components of any outcome-based data strategy. To generate the business benefits from data management, it’s not simply a function of one part of the organisation but requires many different data voices and data citizens from various parts of the business and IT.

The event will begin with an interactive roundtable where we will discuss best practices and lessons learned on how to define the right approach to effective data partnerships. Attendees will share their views and experiences on how they’ve organised their data programs including their data literacy approach and how they’ve defined the roles required to influence, shape and deliver their data strategy. The roundtable will be lead by Tina Rosario, Data Innovator/Chief Data Officer from SAP.

Steve Pierce from TJC Group will explain Why Data Archiving is Critical for Information Governance?

What are the requirements of modern Data Governance and why is archiving such an important part of the equation?

How can you strike the right balance between reducing overall TCO of the SAP data environment with the need to implement and enforce data retention policies and comply with Data Governance programmes?

When implementing a Data Governance strategy, organisations often overlook the need to include a digital archiving solution for the long-term retention and preservation of data. This is crucial to ensure compliance with data privacy laws and other business regulations. But how do you achieve this in practice?

What will you learn in this session?

Why should data archiving and controlled data deletion policies form a critical part of your overall Data Management strategy? Why is this such a crucial part of a total Data Governance programme?

This session will outline how your company can guarantee meeting regulatory requirements while being able to enforce appropriate secure access controls across the data landscape for reporting, tax and audit purposes. This is especially relevant when an organisation has offices or Group businesses in many different countries.

  • Understand the difference between Data Management and Data Governance and why Data Archiving is such an important part of the equation
  • Manage the balance between data retention requirements driven by industry regulations, and the deletion requirements of Governmental and Regional regulations, e.g. GDPR
  • Appreciate the importance of Data Governance across all business stakeholders, not just IT and Finance
  • See how technology supports Data Governance and how Data Archiving is a critical part of your overall Data Governance strategy

Sunil Batra from SAP will present What’s your Enterprise Data Strategy to become data driven enterprise?

The data risk in digital transformation projects is growing rapidly. Every organisation wants to become a digital and data driven enterprise, but only a few succeed. Did you know that 4 out of 10 transformational initiatives fail to achieve their expected outcomes, simply due to data not being fit for purpose?

A data strategy helps by ensuring that the data is managed and used like an asset.

Are you on the journey to become a data driven enterprise and have questions like these unanswered?

  • What is a comprehensive enterprise data strategy?
  • Where do we start and what it takes to deliver a data strategy?
  • Is it just about tools and architecture?
  • How can I align my data strategy with business strategy?
  • How can SAP help with enterprise data strategy when I have mixed landscape?

Join this session, have these questions answered and you will uncover how SAP deliver outcome driven enterprise data strategy, aligned with your corporate strategy to help you embark on an intelligent enterprise journey.

Your Document & Data Management SIG Chair:

Mark Belmore has over 25 years of experience, within the rail industry for Bombardier in a variety of roles across its European Operations from hands on manufacturing to production control, procurement to customer support, inbound warehousing and product distribution, supply chain improvements and more recently located in the London Materials hub delivering long term material forecasting and short term material planning solutions within SAP.


Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Document & Data Management SIG

Event: Document & Data Management SIG

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Document & Data Management Recording

Join the Document & Data Management SIG where the following will be covered: ... Read More

Sponsor Resource: TJC Group

Event: Document & Data Management SIG

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A critical part of your Data Governance Strategy - TJC Group

Steve Peirce will discuss 'Why Data Archiving is Critical for Information Governance'.

Sponsor Resource: TJC Group

Event: Document & Data Management SIG

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